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Hear Charlie Sheen’s Blowup Outside Staples Center At The Kings Game

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Credit: Mark Davis/Getty Images

Credit: Mark Davis/Getty Images

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Earlier this week,  actor Charlie Sheen proved that Anger Management isn’t just the name of his new show, but something he’s in desperate need of!

While taking a smoke break outside the Staples Center on game 4 of the Kings game Wednesday, a security guard wouldn’t let the actor back inside the building – a policy the Staples Center has always had and states right on the tickets.

The no re-entry policy did not sit well with Sheen and he made sure to give the security guard a piece of his mind. Listen to his Staples Center meltdown at the Kings game, and bonus – hear the worst preview for a reality show ever!

Now tell us, do you think security should have let Charlie Sheen back into the Staples Center?

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