Where In The Heck Can I Find The Kings’ Game Four Hockey Game Tonight On TV?

Tonight is game four of the Stanley Cup finals at the Staples Center!

The Kings are just one win away from claiming their 1st ever Stanley Cup in franchise history over the New Jersey Devils.  The fine folks over at NBC has decided not to air it on channel 4 and instead they will air it on the NBC Sports Network!

What’s the deal? So what would happen if Gary decided to call up NBC headquarters to find out why? This is what it would sound like…listen below:

Now the question is….. what channel is that on??

Well look no further…. here’s a list channels depending on where you live!  Good luck, we hope this helps!

NBC Sports Network



Time Warner Cable (El Monte) 267
Time Warner Hacienda Heights (City of Industry) 267
AT&T U-verse TV (Los Angeles) 640
Time Warner Cable (South Gate) 267
4DTV (USA) W5287
DISH Network (USA) 159
C-Band (USA) G7-21
DIRECTV Los Angeles (Los Angeles) 603
FAVE (USA) 213
DISH Los Angeles (Los Angeles) 159
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  • Jose

    What a charming personality.

  • Dee Housen

    I am still so ticked off by what that NBC exec said and how he acted.

    No wonder New Yorkers have such a bad rep.

    I really hope this was a joke.

    If it wasn’t , we ALL need to boycott NBC and let them know why!

  • Hockeygirl

    This is VERY disappointing and makes me not want to watch ANY NBC programming. Hockey is very important to MANY people to this country including myself and my whole family and NBC needs to recognize this!!

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