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Bring Game 4 To Channel 4 — Should NBC Broadcast Game 4 On Network TV?

No one could have predicted the Los Angeles Kings advancing this far into the Stanley Cup Finals, but the Kings are dominating the 2012 NHL season. In the first home game of the Stanley Cup, the Kings shut out the New Jersey Devils 4-0, taking game 3 and moving one step closer to the cup.

They only need one more game to sweep the Finals and bring the Cup to LA for the very first time in the team’s history and set a new NHL record.

One thing is for sure, the Kings have finally transformed LA into a hockey town, but one thing upsetting many fans is that Monday’s game didn’t broadcast nationally on NBC, especially locally on the West Coast.

Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals happens on Wednesday at the Staples Center, and is also scheduled to air only on the NBC Sports Network and other cable channels.

Is it right that NBC isn’t broadcasting the games on network TV? Should they at least broadcast game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals at least locally on channel 4 in LA, because from the way the Kings are playing right now, there probably won’t be a game 5!

Bring game 4 to channel 4!

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  • RainbowRay

    No reason why not too! I hope the KINGS wint he CUP! Quick has been QUICK, so they deserve to wina nd it would be a feathr intheir cap to win the ay they’ve been playing! GO KINGS GO!


  • Kaylee

    The game should be shown on NBC channel 4, not the sports network!! This has been a record-breaking, amazing stanley cup run for the Kings and the lack of respect of hockey in this country especially by NBC programming is very disappointing. It is a wonderful sport that is enjoyed by many and deserves to be on NBC channel 4!! GO KINGS GO!!

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