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Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Son Gets A Full Scholarship To UCLA – Should He Keep It?

UCLA is trying to explain why the son of Sean “Diddy” Combs is getting a full-ride football scholarship.
Some students complained when his son Justin Combs got the scholarship when his dad is worth more than 500-million dollars.

UCLA pointed out that athletic scholarships are based on athletic ability and academic prowess, not financial need. Justin Combs is a recent graduate of a New York prep school with a reported 3.75 grade point average.

He was offered scholarships by several other programs.

Here’s the question!

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  • jumpingpolarbear

    I think he has earned it. It should be based on ability, not if you are poor or rich!

  • Candace

    Here’s the thing.. Those scholarships are what keeps our NFL going. Yes, it’s unfair who his dad is… And yes his GPA isn’t good (he wouldn’t have gotten into UCLA with it). I paid my own through a University because I made “too much money” (I was a only a waitress) and couldn’t get ANY loans or grants. It does grind my gears, but that’s how things like that work. At least dad isn’t paying his way, with that scholarship he’ll have to maintain a certain GPA…Hopefully he’ll try. If he’s that good at Football, good for him.

  • Sharyn Bolivar

    I Agree he earned it but what I feel is that His family should make a donation, in their name, to pay for scholarships for less fortunate students

  • Lorenzo

    That is so wrong scholarships should only go to kids that can’t afford collage not rich kids.


    what is a scholarship .. does it say for the poor or for the rich ! ! !

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