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Listeners Name The ‘Worst Mother’s Day Gifts’ They’ve Ever Received

This morning we have a special treat for moms (or for listeners looking to give mom a great gift) as our friend Dr. Gadget is helping to make this Mother’s Day one to remember with spectacular gift giveaways!

But not all Mother’s Days have been great for some…in a recent survey, mothers named the worst or most inappropriate gifts they’ve ever gotten. Topping the list includes a chainsaw, household appliances, cookbooks, oven mitts and even divorce papers!

This morning we had listeners call in to see if they could top these bad Mother’s Day gifts with their own past experiences. Hear what they had to say!

Listen: Our Listeners call in to name the WORST Mother’s Day gift they’ve ever gotten! Can anyone top a chainsaw?

What is the worst Mother’s Day gift you ever got?

Britt Bickel, K-EARTH 101

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  • Ruth Yaddow

    I have received a payment for a serpentine belt for my van.

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