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Young Texas Rangers Fan Cries After Couple Snags Foul Ball

Nobody wants to be that person who makes a young child cry, especially when it’s caught on tape for thousands to see.

One couple faced criticism from fans during the Texas Rangers and New York Yankees game on Wednesday when their celebration of snatching up a foul ball makes a young Rangers fan sitting next to them so upset, he starts to cry.

When a couple caught the foul ball Rangers first baseman Mitch Moreland threw into the stands, the young fan sitting next to them became so distraught that he started to cry.

However, the couple was so oblivious to his cries and continued to celebrate over the souvenir, taking pictures and practically rubbing the ball in the young fans’ face.

Even Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay wasn’t having it, announcing “Oh my God they can’t give it to the kid? They’re actually like rubbing it in the kid’s face. Very cold.”

The story has a happy ending, though, when a someone from the Rangers dugout noticed and gave the boy a ball to put a smile on his face. Check out the video below!

[Source: Yahoo!]

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  • Jenn D.

    Broadcaster Michael Kaye should be the one ashamed. He had no right to belittle that couple. had every right to keep the ball they caught. Just because a spoiled kid starts to cry doesn’t mean they should get what they want. Maybe that couple had a child of their own at home that they wanted to give it too. I am guessing he is a parent that buys his kid a candy bar at the cash register when his kid has a melt down. Rewarding a child for crying and having a temper tantrum teaches a bad lesson.

  • RainbowRay

    I wouldn’t make a big deal out of this. It looks like the guy holding the kid was also going after the ball and because he bent down for the ball at the same time as the couple did, so it was a matter of who got the ball first. Kaye is making a big deal of it, but I thought a nice gesture of the Texas Ranger, tossing a ball to the kid and I don’t think that’s “spoiled” at all. It was a nice gesture by the Ranger that’s all. Don’t know the couple or the parent and his kid, it just looks like a case who got the ball first, that’s all.

    I guess looks can be deceiving, but after watching the video a few times, That’s how I saw it. Don’t think was intentional on the couple’s part.

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