Granny’s Got A Gun

Two armed men in Georgia came up to a grandmother sitting in her car and demanded money. When she reached inside her glove compartment, she pulled out a 45 and shot one of the men in chest, and the other robber turned and ran away! It’s never wise to mess with Granny.

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    LEMMA GUESS, GARY = SHE was in PASADENA – GRANNY mistook the opportunity as an “audition” for The Beach Boys –RIGHT? ;-)

  • RainbowRay

    She must have been “a little ole lady from Pasadena” who was visiting Georgia at the time, right?

    On a more serious not, there was story about a 12 year old boy in Toronto who had a handgun found in his backpack recently; I think it was after he had gotten into a fight and someone checked his backpack to find 45 in it. I can’t remember where it came from or how it got there, but talk about the “world of stupid!”


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