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Tourist Videos Of The Tow Truck Police Chase Through Hollywood

For a gripping two hours, it seemed like the entire city of Los Angeles was glued to their TV sets watching a man lead a slow speed police chase through the Hollywood area in a tow truck he took from his father’s mechanic shop without permission.

The chase drew in so much attention that people on the streets in the areas he driving in stood by just to watch the tow truck to drive pass, with some even waving and cheering on the man. Helicopter cameras even caught many pedestrians pulling out their camera phones to take pictures and video as the tow truck rolled by, and we found some of those “fan” videos from the chase!

This tourist video starts off watching the coverage on TV then goes outside to catch all the action live!

The description says it all “just another day in Hollywood!”

Looks like the tow truck police chase has already been turned into a Hollywood blockbuster!

Here’s some of the live coverage from the KCAL 9 Sky9 chopper:

  • RainbowRay

    Is the Vice-President of the United States possibly BIDEN his time in the hopes of becoming Presdent in 2016 if Obama is re-elected?

    PURTOLA TOWING reminds me of that Iranian Guy I remember from the late seventies; the prick who took all those hostages in Iran in 79 ( I Remember that and our BELOVED KEN TAYLOR who rescued some of them), now what was his name again? Oh yeah, IyahPURTOLA Khomeini! HA! HA!

    I ya Purtola ya so that would be a good one!

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