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Man Shoots Girlfriend After Mistaking Her For A Wild Hog

A Florida man went camping with his girlfriend, and while he was inside the tent, he thought he spotted a wild hog roaming around outside, so he shot it from inside the tent. The only problem was, the “hog” was actually his girlfriend!

A man in Arizona went to the police after landing at the airport claiming he was assaulted by the flight attendant when she woke him up by tapping his knee with a magazine!

  • RainbowRay

    What a “pig!” Couldn’t he have gotten a mirror first and checked? She must have said something like, “Is that what YOU REALLy think of me hon?” I bet all he could say was, “Oops! Sorry dear! Well it least it wasn’t your mother, it may have been a runway hippo instead of a hog!” or something to that effect. Guess who’s sleeping on the couch when they get back home!

    Again, WHAMbulance (George Michael’s favorite mode of transportation when gets sick and has to go to the hospital–a WHAMbulance!). What was the name of the Magazine–“FLYING ETIQUETTE?” What a wuss!


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