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Video: This Is Why You Always Look Both Ways Before Crossing The Street!

Check out the moment a lucky pedestrian cheated death by walking into the path of a speeding ambulance which slammed on its brakes inches away from her.

The woman was captured on a dashboard camera by another car as she prepared to cross a busy street.
Check out what happens!

  • RainbowRay

    That was a close call, but if the ambulance did hit her, talk about perfect timing! In Toronto we have a section in our city with three hospitals within one light intersection, so if you get hit by a car or bus, or if your lucky (ha!), an ambulance, then you have your choice of three hospitals, no waiting. That’s Toronto for you! Well, not totally true, one of them is “Sick Children’s Hospital”, so they only treat children (a Patch Adams Dream for RainbowRay).


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