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Dick Clark Gives Gary Bryan A Shout Out On ‘American Bandstand’

During an 1986 appearance from the rising new wave band Nu Shooz on American Bandstand, Dick Clark gave Gary Bryan a shout out during his interview with the band!

Gary was responsible for first playing their biggest single “I Can’t Wait” on air at a Portland radio station that helped launch their career!

Watch the whole interview or skip to minute 1:15 to hear Dick Clark mention Gary Bryan on the show!

  • http://KRTH Annette Hughes

    I remember Dick Clark from American Bandstand when it was in Phila.
    I would rush home from grammer school turn on American Bandstand grab a dish towel tie it to the banister to our stairs and then use that as a partner to dance to all the tunes played on American Bandstand. My older sister would rush there after high school to dance on the show.
    I saw her on TV a couple of times and I was very envious that she was old enough to do that.

  • RainbowRay

    Great memories!


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