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Poll: Which L.A. Team Is Most Likely To Win A Championship This Year?

The baseball season is off to a flying start with the Dodgers at 9-1! That got us to thinking, which L.A. team is most likely to win a championship before this year is over?
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  • RainbowRay

    Seeing that the Kings were one of the original expansion teams from 67 and they have NEVER won a cup just like Henny Youngman who used to say about certain people “never getting a dinner”, wouldn’t it it be good to see a team like the KIngs who have never won a cup get there?

    Of course one of my dreams before I die is to see the Leafs win the cup! Leaf fans have been suffering so long (such as myself) and after much reading and reflecting I know why they suck, but there’s still hope; maybe it’s someone else’s dream as well and they’ll win the cup sooner then that. Can only hope!

    Go KINGS GO! (I don’t think the Canucks are going to come back with four straight wins; if they do, it’s a miracle. Hey, at least there won’t be any riots to worry about right? HA!)


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