Drinking Beer Makes Men Smarter

A study conducted by the University of Illinois found that when men drink beer, they become smarter! The study found that men who drank a few beers were better at solving puzzles and brain teasers than men who were sober.

A couple of robbers in Texas demanded money from a local Valero corner store. When they pulled out there guns to scare the clerk, they went off and the robbers got so scared, they were the ones who ran away!

  • RainbowRay

    I guess all the men will drink to that! That study is a bit of a “puzzle” to me because I love to do puzzles without drinking beer and I can do them pretty good; i.e. crosswords, word searches, unscrabbling words, etc. Odd don’t you think?

    “Premature discharge!” HIlarious Gary! (i”m not thinking about guns either! HA! HA!)
    Maybe the robbers should have tried “water pistols or super soakers” first, ya think?

    Still enlessly but enthusiastically enduring
    Still Optimistically Obtaining
    Still Happily Humoring
    Still Sufficiently Achieveing

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