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Coca-Cola Machine Gives Free Drinks In Exchange For Hugs

First they got the world to sing in perfect harmony, and now Coca-Cola is spreading even more love with hugs. A new promotion with Coca-Cola vending machines has been introduced in Singapore that gives anyone willing to throw their arms around its boxy frame with a hug gets a free Coke in return!

The vending machines looks like any other Coke machine, with the only exception being the words reading “Hug Me” placed on the front instead of a slot for money.

The vending machine was installed at the National University of Singapore and students got a happy surprise when they hugged the machine! See the video below!

  • RainbowRay

    There’s someone who I know and LOVE VERYMUCh with all my heart and soul who I’m sure has a BOXY FRAME who I would loe to HUG right now! A very hopeful video! Love it!


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