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Bruce Springsteen Chugs A Fan’s Beer During Show

Even at 62 years old, Bruce Springsteen proves he still knows how to rock! During his show in Philadelphia this week on his Wrecking Ball tour, Bruce ran into the crowd while singing the hit “Raise Your Hand,” and to everyone’s surprise, grabs a fan’s beer and chugs the entire thing!

After riling up the crowd to “Raise Your Hand,” Bruce decided to take a little break and sit down in the seats. That’s when a fan offered him a half-full pint of beer to help quench his thirst, and like the ‘Boss’ he is, chugged the entire thing and threw the empty cup into the crowd!

He must really trust his fans, because who knows where that beer has been…Jump to minute 1:30 to see The Boss down a beer in the audience!

[Source: TMZ]

  • RainbowRay

    “DOWN THE HATCH BRUCE!” By the way, was that Canadian or American Beer? There is “slight” difference you know? HA!

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