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Exclusive Photo: Josh Duhamel Gets A Mohawk Haircut!

Our very own Lisa Stanley ran into actor Josh Duhamel over the weekend at breakfast and she snapped a photo of him sporting a new Mohawk haircut!

He got it during the filming of his upcoming movie Scenic Route!

See the photo!

Here’s Josh’s new haircut!

Photo By: Lisa Stanley

Photo By: Lisa Stanley

  • Laurie Patak

    Thank god Hair grows back!

  • RainbowRay

    Well, you know the ole saying Josh, “hair today, gone tomorrow!” So far, the NO’s have it in your poll by a slim margin! That haircut must give that guy a real “Scenic Route” if I ever saw one! HA! HA!

    Don’t be shy, give it a try—treat yourself to a haircut! Even a mowhawk IF THAT’S YOUR THING! (I wouldn’t get one or have my kid get one just because somebody else is wearing one; be that person a celebrity or not. Know who you are and be happy with who you are and don’t RELY on other’s just because you want to look like them. THEY are who THEY are and YOU are who YOU are. That’s what I would I tell my kids about being yourself and “modeling after others–especially in the looks department!). I TRULY believe that!

  • Norma Weinstein

    Big Whoop!!!

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