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The Biggest Solar Storm In Years Hits Earth

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Image by NASA/Solar Dynamics Observatory via Getty Images

Image by NASA/Solar Dynamics Observatory via Getty Images

An eruption on the surface of the sun Tuesday is sending a massive cloud of charged particles towards Earth. The most powerful solar storm in five years is hurtling particles at 4 million miles an hour, but won’t have an effect on your health or safety.

The solar storm could impact some airline flights, however, and possibly disrupt utility grids, satellite networks, cell phones and GPS services. the storm is all part of the sun’s normal 11 year cycle, which won’t reach its peak until next year.

In other news, a private funeral for Davy Jones was held in Florida on Wednesday. His publicist says a public memorial will also take place soon in England as well as either in New York or Los Angeles.

For more top news stories, listen to the full newscast below:

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