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Debbie Harry Mistaken For Lindsay Lohan? What Do You Think?

66 year old Blondie singer Debbie Harry caused a commotion on Sunday, when she was rushed by photographers trying to take a photo of Lindsay Lohan.  According to reports photographers mistook her for Lindsay, with her blond bangs, sunglasses and black hooded sweatshirt.  Despite their 41-year age difference, Harry did in fact look quite similar to Lohan, who two days earlier left the same hotel wearing similar sunglasses.

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  • brian

    Lohan had an enigmatic beauty , now she’s just weird. She reminds me of an older woman with a great facelift, you know it’s lifted but it’s a great lift.

  • RainbowRay

    To some extent they do look like each other!. Debbie Harry is 66 now? WOW! I bet she has “A Heart of Glass” like you wouldn’t believe now at that age. HA! HA!

  • Kim Hurtado

    Lindsey should be so lucky to even come close to Debbie,if she even makes it to 66.

  • Skyrock

    Well, using drugs can do a lot of damage to health and human physical including beauty. Hope, Lindsey Lohan can realize that fact and get over with it.

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