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Herman’s Hermits’ Peter Noone Remembers Davy Jones

Peter Noone, the lead singer of the hit ’60s group Herman’s Hermits, was one of Davy Jones closest friends and confidants over the years and even shared the stage with him as a ‘double act’ on tour.

Peter shared with us memories of the time they first met, introducing Davy to The Beatles, touring together and just goofing around as friends over the years. As we continue to pay tribute in memory of Davy, we heard personal stories from one of the people who knew him best.

Davy and Peter recently performed and hosted together a major PBS special celebration rock and pop music from the ’60s last December, and the two friends have been touring together on numerous dates for years.

Peter first met Davy when The Monkees came over to England to perform on Top Of The Pops. He remembers introducing Davy and Micky to John Lennon and Paul McCartney of The Beatles, but even then standing next to two of the biggest artists in the world, Peter said that Davy was the star of the show.

Each member of The Monkees played a certain role, and Davy broke out as the star and heart-throb of the group. He was the one that got to sing lead vocals on “Daydream Believer” and help make it one of The Monkees definitive hits, which Peter calls “the perfect record” to this day.

Peter and Davy were inseparable when they were together and says their good chemistry was because of the fact they could be “brutally honest with each other.”

As he mourns the loss of his friend, Peter said he will remember his friend as “one of the greatest entertainer of his generation. That’s it. He was a good bloke; he was a good guy. He was much more talented than people gave him credit for.”

Listen to our entire interview with Peter Noone as he remembers Davy Jones:

  • Janie

    when I was a kid and I wanted to watch the Monkey’s TV Show but my olders brothers wanted to watch the Wild Wild West TV Show, on at the same time. We.would fight over the the TV, so my mother made us alternate every week. One week I would watch the Monkeys and the following week my brothers could watch the Wild Wild West. So we took turns and I was able to watch the Monkeys everyother week. I totally forgot about this childhood memory. Until I started thinking about my memories of Davey Jones & The Monkeys..RIP Davey…

  • magdlene

    I have alot of fond memories of davy i remember meeting him for the first time when i was twelve i gave him a painting i was backstage at the monkees concert in Canada it was so special he was so nice and kind

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