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Mick Jagger and BB King Invite President Obama To Sing The Blues!!!

In an event being taped for the PBS Special…  Watch what happens then Mick Jagger and BB King invite President Obama up on stage at the White House to sing “Sweet Home Chicago”.

Check it out!

  • http://K-Earth101FM Diana

    I love President Obama. He is great! He is down to earth and more importantly he’s got soul and a good voice.

  • RainbowRay

    I must admit, I do LOVE President Obama’s personal and down to earth side (Our PRime Minister Harper has one as well which I’m glad to see). There aren’t to many PResident’s and Prime Ministerss who have that are there?

    311 days to go and still BELIEVING
    Don’t be shy, give it a try—-Fiona and I love Karaoke, so why not gie that a try? You never know how good you can sing?

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