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Here’s Proof That One Day Robots Are Going To Take Over The World!

Meet “Jamming Gripper” he’s a new robot that can throw darts and shoot hoops!! This robotic arm developed by engineers at Cornell University and University of Chicago!

Robots are going to rule the world!!

  • RainbowRay

    Well all I can say after watching that is: What do we need with husbands, wives nd kids when we have robots to have to do do all that for us? I do admit that it would take care of ridding us of performing all those menial chores that people often do (especially the one’s that people do in order to make a lviing, right?). One other thing, can you have sex with?

    So, no then, robots are NOT going to take over the world in my opinion1 ha!

    311 days and still BELIEVING in MIRAVLES (Fiona) and in the kINDNESS OF STRANGERS!

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