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Five Classic ‘Soul Train’ Performances

The world was deeply saddened by the tragic news of Soul Train creator Don Cornelius’ passing this morning. He was instrumental in bringing the hottest new music and dances to the living rooms of the masses, and without his influence, TV and music just wouldn’t be the same today.

In honor of the influential, smooth talking host Don Cornelius, who introduced the best R&B, soul and funk music for 22 years and beyond on Soul Train, we dug up some of the classic performances from some of the hottest acts of the day.

[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Aretha Franklin[/lastfm]: “Rock Steady”

A young, fresh-faced Aretha Franklin blows the audience away with her powerful voice and an “invitation to all of us and to all of you” to “Rock Steady” in 1973.

  • RainbowRay

    Sorry to hear bout his passing. I remember Soul Train; it used to be a regular weekly show on tv. I think I washed it on occasion growing up.

    Sharing is caring and caring; living is giving and giving is living
    330 days and counting!

  • Lorelei McBroom

    This is a very tragic story. He was so important to the business of music especially in Black Music, and allowing us to have a special presence on television as young gifted artists!
    I hope he will be remembered with the respect he deserves!!! Rest in Peace Don.

  • LastGirl

    Soul Train was just a part of the Black community especially in it’s early days. My sister and I were planted every Saturday in front of the TV watching Soul Train. Even when we went out of town to visit relatives, we didn’t miss our show because they watched it too.

    I bet there are a lot of young people who participated in a Soul Train dance line without knowing the original source.

    It’s sad that Don Cornelius, who basically stayed out of the limelight other than hosting Soul Train, would be remembered because of a tragedy.

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