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Demi Moore’s 911 Tape Released

There are new revelations about Demi Moore’s health scare last week now that the 911 tape has been released. The tape tells us a lot more about what she may have been smoking before her collapse, and you can hear fear in the voices of her friends and family as they reach out for help.

Demi was allegedly hosting a party when she collapsed into convulsions. It is believed that Demi’s 23-year-old daughter, Rumor, was with her when it happened, and according to TMZ, Demi had been inhaling “whippets” or laughing gas.

All of this happened on the heel of her divorce with Ashton Kutcher, who has yet to say anything regarding Demi’s health scare.

  • RainbowRay

    IT is “believed” but not yet “confirmed” right? f it’s true then it’s obvious she maybe struggling with that issue (Ashton). I don’t always like to believe what I read (not everything is reliable). I hope she fully recovers soon from whatever was troubling her. As for the fact that she says “she’s unlovable”, I think that’s “bullshit” and I should know from my own past personal experience. I don’t think “anyone” is “unlovable” is there? Prove to me that there is and I’kk retract that remarkd, but I bet you can’t!

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