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Poll: Guess Which One Is Gary Bryan In This Childhood Photo!

Gary Bryan brought in an adorable photo of him and his brother as kids, and the two look so similar, we had trouble figuring out which one is Gary!

Check out the childhood photo and see if you can tell the two apart!

Can you tell which one is Gary Bryan?

gary bryan and brother 1 Poll: Guess Which One Is Gary Bryan In This Childhood Photo!

Vote below!

  • RainbowRay

    I said that Gary was the boy on the left, am I right? No left, right? No left! He’s the boy on the LEFT–CORRECT?? HA!

    Love those pics Gary! How old were you back then? Looking at those pictures made me have a flashback as I’m writing this to my grade three and four pictures (school photos). Dad combined school photo pictures of me and my brother (Imants) and put them in a small collage of sorts. I think I still have it. Memories!

    Be resolved, get involved!
    8428 hours to go (more or less!)

  • RainbowRay

    Those pictures remind me of a song that Elvis sang on his 68 Comeback Special called, “Memories”. Check it out on YOUTUBE:


    Elvis Presley- Memories

    Brought back memories of my childhood as I listened ot it. ENJOY!

    Don’t be shy give arts and crafts a try!
    Optimistically Obtaining
    Still Sufficiently Achieving
    Faithfully Following!

  • Donna

    Hey Gary,
    Happy Birthday! Both boys are adorable so it does not matter which one is you!
    Love your show!

  • Debi

    Good morning KEARTH from Cape Cod, MA… I listen to you all day long. I am from Long Beach and I miss listening to you, glad I found you… I have even written to our radio station out here told them to listen to your program. Thanks again for keeping me smiling with the great music and the funny humor in the morning.. OH and BTW Happy Birthday Gary!

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