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The Whole NFL CBS Postgame Show Hosts “Tebow” After Denver’s Win!

After the Denver Broncos incredible overtime win yesterday.  Check out the entire CBS Postgame Hosts doing the “Tebow“!

See the video!

  • RB

    This mockery would not be tolerated regarding any faith other than Christianity. Does CBS owe Tebow an apology??

  • RainbowRay

    For those of you who thought the broadcast crew was offensive all I have to say is “lighten u” because that was just in jsst and to me didn’t look like a deliberate insult about his faith; that is just the way ()in my opinion) how he shows his gratitude. Everybody’s different in expressing gratitude no mattter what their faith (personally I LOVE to use humor as I find it very healing in terms of overcoming and making up for years lost. Whatever works for you I guess).

    “Attitude and Gratitude”
    If a geographer is grrateful about being a geographer would you say then hehas “Latitude attitude gratitude or Gratitude for latitude attitude! (See what I mean; it helps me and RainbowRay dos this with kids do using much simpler words and rhyme as well to convey messages).

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