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Did You Know: “Good Vibrations” By The Beach Boys

‘Tickets @ 2’ features a [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Beach Boys[/lastfm] hit that went to # 1 in the US and the UK, it’s “Good Vibrations.”

Brian Wilson told Rolling Stone magazine: “My mother used to tell me about vibrations. I didn’t really understand too much of what she meant when I was a boy. It scared me, the word ‘vibrations’-to think that invisible feelings existed. She also told me about dogs that would bark at some people, but wouldn’t bark at others, so it came to pass that we talked about good vibrations.”

At the time, this was the most expensive pop song ever recorded. It cost $40,000 to make.

Brian recorded the song with session musicians, not his fellow Beach Boys. Glen Campbell who was a session musician at the time played lead guitar.

And of course the ‘Boys’ have announced a 50th anniversary tour with the band’s original surviving members, kicking off in April at the New Orleans Jazz &Heritage Festival.

When we play “Good Vibes” between two and three we’ll be looking for caller #10 at 1-800-232-KRTH (5784)to win a pair of tickets to see “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” at any regal entertainment group theatre.

  • RainbowRay

    I’m having “good vibrations” lately that DREAMS WILL and DO come true (I BELIEVE in MIRACLES sweetheart! In the words of Barry Manilow–“That miracle is you” honey!). We will be TOGETHER soon in Memphis where I WILL take yo in my arsm and KISS you (welcoming you back into my life PERMANENTLY!), making both our lives DEFINED! Keep BELIEVING!

    354 days and still BELIEVING!
    Don’t be shy, give it a try!
    Optimistically Obtaining!
    Abundantly BELIEVING!

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