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Video: Marriage Proposal Fails On UCLA Jumbotron

We see it all the time.  A happy marriage proposal at a sports event shown on the big screen for all in attendance to see. There’s the brief moment you’re wondering, “are they going to say yes?!?”  And more often than not, they do.  But not always, as is evident at a recent UCLA basketball game where one poor guy didn’t get the response he was hoping for from his girlfriend.

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  • RainbowRay

    God forbid that the love of my life, Fiona “Fee-Fi” says NO! (not after seven years!). She is the love of my life, my soul mate, as they say, my reason for living, partner, friend, confidant and everything else I can think of. She would be a fool to say no based on what I have to offer her, especially MY ETERNAL LOVE!

    I feel for the guy, I really do (it must of hurt like hell!). There must have been a pretty damn good reason why she did what she did? Maybe she wasn’t realy ready, who knows? All I can say to that guy is, “don’t give up the ship yet!” She probably isn’t the Titanic or Lusitanis, right? If she loves you, REALLY loves you, she’ll tell you why she did what she did and fi you were smart, you’d give her the chance and LISTEN, I mean REALLY LISTEN (effective listening) and talk aobut it rationally and see what happens. There’s always “second chances” right?

    “Sharing is caring and caring; living is

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