Whoopi Goldberg Lets One Rip On ‘The View’

Whoopi Goldberg shocked viewers during an interview on The View with Homeland star Claire Danes, when during a serious conversation, Whoopi earned her nickname and cut loose a loud fart for everyone to hear! The talk show host wasn’t fazed one bit after she broke wind and just laughed it off saying, “excuse me, I just let a frog out of there.”

This isn’t the first time Whoopi’s passed gas on air either. In May she did it while sitting next to Barbara Walters, who retreated in disgust, on The Dr. Oz Show. She freely admitted to Dr. Oz that she’s passed gas a number of times and can’t help that “there’s more room out than in.”

Watch her let out the surprising squeak on live TV below!

Hear Lisa Stanley’s Entertainment Report on Whoopi Goldberg:

  • RainbowRay

    A celebrity farting is a news story, you’ve got to be kidding me!

    “Sharing is caring and caring is sharing; living is giving and giving is living

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