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Chuck Lorre Breaks Silence About Charlie Sheen Feud

Many remember the name Chuck Lorre — he’s the mega-producer who created hit sitcoms like Two And A Half Men and was the target of Charlie Sheen’s bitter war earlier this year.

Well now Lorre is speaking out about the whole Charlie Sheen fiasco for the first time and denying that there was ever a feud between them!

For the first time since the wild war of words that ended in Charlie Sheen being fired from the hit comedy, the creator of Men is speaking out about the feud. Lorre is now saying that he was more concerned about Sheen’s well-being surrounding his hard-partying ways that could have resulted in Sheen’s death or someone else’s.

In the end, Lorre, CBS and Warner Bros. chose to make a moral decision as opposed to a financial one to fire Charlie Sheen. As for Sheen, he’ll be making his TV comeback in the new comedy Anger Management, scheduled to air on FX this summer.

Listen to the full Entertainment Report below to hear what Chuck had to say about Charlie Sheen:

  • RainbowRay

    54 weeks to go sweetheart Fiona! (My DREAM of marrying you next Christmas EVE! Always hoping! I BELIEVE in MIRACLES)

    As for Lorre and Sheen, it’s all in the past; water under the bridge now isn’t it, for both of them?

    :”Don’t be shy, give it a try!”
    “Optimistically Obtaining”
    “Sufficiently Achieving”

  • dlr

    Who cares…….

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