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Alec Baldwin Booted From Flight For Refusing To Stop Playing ‘Words With Friends’

Known hot head, Alec Baldwin caused quite a stir on his American Airline flight on Wednesday. The whole incident started when Alec refused to stop playing the Scrabble-style video game ‘Words With Friends’ on his phone when the plane doors closed, even though he was asked several times by a flight attendant. [photogallerylink id=51892 align=left]

Passengers then said Alec became irate and eventually ended up getting kicked off the flight, delaying them for an hour.

After being kicked Alec off the flight, he took to his Twitter (which has since been deactivated since the incident) and wrote “Flight attendent on AA reamed me out 4 playing words with friends while we sat at the gate not moving.”

But passengers on the flight said that Alec did more that just continue to play the video game. They say that Alec didn’t want to get off his phone and that he stormed off to the bathroom.

American Airlines tweeted about the incident saying, “our flight attendants were following federal safety procedures on electronic devices when air craft door is closed,” to which Alec tweeted back, “#TheresAlwaysUnited.”

  • RainbowRay

    LOve word games myself, like “Scrabble” and board games in general. Anyone play the game “Scene IT”? A game about movies! Board games bring together “family and friends togetherness” I believe.

    As for Alec Baldwin, he sure is dedicated to his games, isn’t he? BIg deal!

    “Be resolved, get involved

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