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Poll: What’s The Greatest Prime-Time TV Opening Of All Time?

L.A. Times Magazine came out with a great three part list of the Top 50 Prime-Time TV Openings from 1950-69, 1970-89, and 1990-2011. As we look back on some of the classic TV theme songs and opening sequences from the past, we’re asking you…what is the greatest TV opening of all time?

You just don’t see TV openings today like they used to make them. Nowadays, the opening titles are short and just jump right into the show, but

Take a look at the top ten TV openings leading the votes on L.A. Times Magazine’s poll, vote for your favorite and tell us…what’s missing from the list?! Add what you think is the all-time greatest TV opening to the list!

Cheers currently leads the votes with 19% of the votes. For the full list of the greatest TV openings of all time, visit L.A. Times Magazine!

Continue to the next pages to see even more of the greatest TV openings of all time!

  • Rebecca

    How about Bonanza,Rawhide & The Big Valley

  • RainbowRay

    All In The Family


  • Rebecca

    Brady Bunch & Courtship of Eddie’s Father

  • Rebecca

    Good Times, Jeffersons

  • John

    Rat Patrol & Voyage to the bottom of the sea

  • Ron Austin

    Memorible openings:
    Maverick (great theme song)
    All in the Family ( Actually all the Norman Lear shows had great Openings)
    Hawaii 5-O
    The Andy Griffith Show
    Most of the Star Trek series had great openings
    The Patty Duke Show
    The A-Team
    Battlestar Gallacta
    Fractured Flickers

    Don’t forget the animated shows

    The Simpsons
    The Flintstones
    Rocky, Bullwinkle And Friends ( hurry up Bullwinkle — I’m coming as fast as I can)
    Johnney Quest

    • Jack Webster

      Indeed… and don’t forget H R Puff-N-Stuff! :)

  • http://k-Earth101 Rhonda Yeager-Hutchinson

    My Three Sons!!!!!!

  • Jackie

    Hawaii 5-0, both the original and the new one with the fast cut pictures of Hawaii and that great music.

  • Ron Austin

    Can’ t forget the opening for
    the Zorro TV show

    ” Out of the Night when the Full Moon is Bright comes the Outlaw known as Zorro …

    Not strictly a opening but I have fond memories of the Ballad of Davy Crockett

  • http://kearth101.1fm linda forsythe

    I really love dallas opening shots of helicopter over looking the football stadium, the city, great opening music as well!

  • Sheri G

    F Troop and the gang in Fort Courage!

  • Brian

    I Spy
    had the best music and intro

    • Jack Webster

      And don’t forget Roger Moore in “The Saint”

  • Rick Bostwick

    The Addams Family

  • mark dameron

    the lone ranger

  • Fred

    1) Hawaii Five-O;
    2) Mission:Impossible;
    3) Nash Bridges;
    4) Boston Legal;
    5) The Wild Wild West

  • David l


  • Jessica Orona

    The Odd Couple & Get Smart!

  • Tom

    How about the theme song for “Flipper”, “Combat”, “Adam-12”

  • Laura

    Get Smart. I loved that show! All the security doors opening to let the goof-ball Maxwell Smart in.

  • Jack Webster

    How about this old hippie-trippie kid’s show: H R Puff-N-Stuff
    Now there’s a catchy TV opening song!

  • nesuperfan

    Hawaii Five-O (the original), HANDS DOWN the best ever.

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