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Dancing With The Stars’ Final Five

It’s down to the final five now, and last night on Dancing With The Stars, each contestant had two dances to impress the judges and the voters to keep them on for the next round.

First up was Rob Kardashian, who was certainly not affected by his sister’s public divorce drama. His quick step was his best dance to date and an incredible improvement. Hope Solo brought her A-game as well, dancing her best quick step and got a high score and a hug from Carrie Anne!

Ricki Lake is still proving she’s one of the ones to beat this season, wowing judges with a waltz, but Nancy Grace didn’t have the same grace as Ricki during her dances. She impressed with her first tango, but her second dance failed to leave an impression on the judges and she might be facing elimination today.

And last but not least, J.R. Martinez jumped even further in the lead with his dances, which he earned two perfect 30/30 scores!


  • RainbowRay

    Great performances; I dream of me and Fiona doing that one day together; I love the waltz, tango, polka and I heard the merange was pretty good. I think I tried that once with one of those free dance lessons a few years back.


  • RainbowRay

    Top 10 Rainbow Songs Dedicated to
    Fiona “Fee-Fi” Shirley that I would
    LOVE to dance with her to

    1 Beautiful Brown Eyes (Rosemary Clooney)
    2. Jamaica Farewell (Harry Belefonte)
    3. Sun of Jamaica (Goombay Dance Band)
    4. Brown Girl in the Ring (Boney M)
    5. Don’t Make My Brown Eyes Blue (Crystal Gale)
    6. Montego Bay–Jeff ???
    7. Carribbean Girl–Goombay Dance Band
    8. Carribbean Queen–Billy Ocean
    9. Brown Sugar–Rolling Stones
    10. Yellow Bird–The Sparrow ?)

    Dedicated to you darling. Dream of dancing to these with you one day.
    All my love!
    Your pookypants/studmuffin


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