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What’s the Scariest Movie Ever?

Halloween is just around the corner, as evidenced by the preponderance of candy and kids wandering around in a sugar high.

Also cropping up this time of year? Scary movies – Paranormal Activity 3’s scared up tons of business at the cineplex already  -  but many of our listeners say the new stuff can’t compare with the older films. With this in mind, take a peek at the following movies and let us know which gives you the biggest jolt…

1. Paranormal Activity 3

This box office champ opened with $53 million…

  • RainbowRay

    I’ve seen some these movies, but not all of them. Years ago, I would watch these movies and cringe (so highly sensitive and anxious over them that I would avoid them religiously like it was some sort of sin to watch them. Robocop was another movie which really bothered me, I haven’t seen it since,but I will again and maybe even Robocop 2).

    I believe it’s okay to watch these, but in moderation and I’m not into really graphic movies like Saw or Hostel; I guess you can say it takes away the enjoyment of a good horror flick, but if that’s their choice to watch, then that’s their choice I wouldn’t watch 100 of these in a row, but a little bit in each movie genre is my taste; spice of life even when watching movies, right?

    I enjoyed Hellraiser 2 (haven’t seen the first one yet) because of the characfter Hellraiser (something like the Beast from the Beauty and the Beast) and his personality. It was a great storyline to it.

    Amityviille Horror, the Exorcist and Poltergeist along with Rosemary’s Baby are great. They are all just movies and “pretend”l that’s all they were ever made out to be–to give people a good scare.


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