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Charlie Sheen Returning To Prime Time In ‘Anger Management’

Watch out world, Charlie Sheen is returning to television! The self-proclaimed ‘warlock’ is set to star in his new show Anger Management, playing a character loosely based off Jack Nicholson’s role in the film version, premiering in early 2012!

The new sitcom will air on the cable channel FX, after a deal known as a “10-90” will test out the first 10 episodes, and if the show does well, they’ll order 90 more!

This could be Sheen’s winning return to TV after his fall out with Two and a Half Men, plus he will retain a significant ownership stake in the series, which means he’ll be making bank.

  • RainbowRay

    Good luck to him with that; I hope it lasts! Maybe that will help him to continue “winning”.

    Optimistically obtaining
    Actively achieving

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