FAIL! The Worst Death Scenes In Movie History For Halloween

So, your horror movie marathon is going great but then it happens. That horrible, cheesy death scene that comes outta nowhere. You know, the one where the hero’s best friend gets stabbed to death from an electric guitar-drill? Yeah, that one.

Take a look at some of our favorite terrifically funny death scenes from over the years. They’re so over the top…how did anybody think that was a good idea?

Groin Stab!

Hyah! You’re nuts, ninja guy!

That Ol’ Wacky Garage Killer

Look out behind you, it’s a ladder!

Shred that guitar!

It doesn’t even have strings. What a poser.

Check out the 007 clip made the cut

  • RainbowRay

    With Bond the guy looks “shaken but not stirred”, right? These are classic B-movie horrors and I don’t see anything wrong with them. They make for a great social “bad movie nights” just for laughs, right? So many of them out there. Anyone remember “Deep Space From Planet 9 (??) with Bela Lugosi. It was so awful that it was good (I have it on DVD; these clips remind me of that movie–harmless).

    If you wanna see good horror movie (Fee-Fi Fiona likes horror movies) why don’t you check out : “The Amityville Horror (both are good, but the first one is the best), how about “Secret WIndow” with Johnny Depp; I thought that was one chilling movie or “When a Stranger Calls” (both versions are pretty good). “Grudge” was good; I enjoyed that one. How about “The Exorcist” and ” Rosemary’s Baby”, both very controversial movies in it’s day and maybe still is today, but I’ve seen both of them a couple times and it’s worth a look; nothing dangerous with these movies in my mind. Before I couldn’t dream of looking at these movies at one time (controversy being one of the reasons), but I have my own mind and I can use it to watch what I want.

    I’ve seen trailers for the “Saw” movies, but they were never my cup of tea and when I read the plot synopsis and the reviews, I knew I wasn’t interesed in watching them (same with the Hostel movies), but that’s my opinion. You watch whatever you wanna watch.

    Oh yeah, remember NIcholson’s “The Shining”. That is a great classic horror movie,bar none (one of Fiona’s favourties).


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