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K-EARTH 101 Is Turning 40 – What Is Your Greatest Moment In Rock History?

Next year K-EARTH 101 is turning 40 years old!!  And in preparation for that great milestone, Gary Bryan is asking you: “What is your greatest moment in Rock N Roll history?”

Is it the Beatles coming to America??? What it Elvis‘ comeback in 1968??  Woodstock?

Tell us yours!!

Post your greatest moment in Rock n Roll history by posting it below in the comment section!

  • Bob Sandoval

    Seeing The Doors at a pre-Whisky off Sunset gig. Standing 10 feet from Jimmy, Ray, Robbie and John while they are performing is something you never ever forget,ever!!!

  • http://kearth101.1fm linda forsythe

    I think my greates t rock and roll moment was when i saw th eBeatles for the first time on Ed SULLIVAN! They rocked! electricity was flowing that night!Iwas only eight years old and i remember my father got the the Batles first single!

  • RainbowRay

    A sad moment from my childhood when Elvis died; I remember it very well and I think I said where I was in an earlier blog, but that would be one for mel.


  • Bruce Brodnax

    I think the greatest moment of Rock’n’Roll history was when rock songs started being licensed for use in TV commercials, displacing the classic tin pan alley jingles: this showed that Gen X had finally arrived, displacing their Sinatra-influenced Boomer forbears.

    I can’t remember the 1st tune I heard when this happened, but I remember sitting bolt upright in my chair & thinking “Whoa! Watershed moment!..” A few years(?) later, Bill Gates gave the Stones an obscene amount of money to use “Start Me Up” for promoting the next version of Windows, & the rest, as they say, was history!

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