Ashton Kutcher’s Alleged Mistress Spills Details On Fling

US Weekly has the exclusive interview with Ashton Kutcher’s alleged mistress, Sara Leal this week. Sara’s going on record to tell her side of the reported “steamy fling,” between her and Ashton.

According to Sara, she and Ashton hooked up after a night of partying together in his Hard Rock Hotel suite and told her that he and Demi were separated. She claims that Ashton made the first move  and kissed her, and before she knew it, one thing led to another and they slept together twice.

She says that “she didn’t plan on doing it -it just ended up happening.” Ashton and Demi were spotted camping together last weekend with a rabbi and some friends in efforts to save their marriage.

  • dlr

    Who cares…..this is not news. Every female that jumps in the sack with a male celeb says the same thing….I did’nt know…..he was married, he told me this… he told me that..

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