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Brad Pitt’s Movie Set Raided By Hungarian SWAT Team

While filming on set in Hungary for Brad Pitt’s new zombie movie World War Z, drama unfolded for the Hollywood star’s production. A Hungarian SWAT team raided the set to seize a stash of high-powered weapons that were meant for use as prop in the film.

Hungarian SWAT team seized the high-powered weapons which included real sniper riffles, an ak47 and machine guns. Some of the weapons were even loaded with live amo — and these were supposed to be meant as props!

Hungarian police said the weapons weren’t properly disabled and seized 85 weapons into their custody. Brad wasn’t around during the raid, but was sad to be mad because the film is already over budget and over schedule. World War Z is set for release in Dec. 2012.

  • RainbowRay

    I guess the saying “have gun will “travel” really applies here, right? I’ll have a Zombie–on the rocks! Thanks!

    There seems to be an obsession with zombies these days as we get closer to Halloween. BOO! You raaaaang!

    I would like to dress my face up as a zombie and one day walk up to Fiona dn go boo. You konw what she would probably say? “Hi Ray!”


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