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Top 10 Paul McCartney Love Songs Perfect For His Wedding

6 pm getty images Top 10 Paul McCartney Love Songs Perfect For His Wedding

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5. “Maybe I’m Amazed”

  • RainbowRay

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY (OCTOBER 11) to the love of my life Fiona “Fee-Fi” (her childhood nickname) from the love of her life, “pookypants and studmuffin” RainbowRay who misses her very much and can’t wait to meet her one day in Memphis and kiss in front of Elvis’s grave to put my past away forever. Still BELIEVING it will happen!

    I dedicate the following Beatle Songs to her. How old is she? (I kiss, but I don’t tell).

    1. Something (yes she is!)
    2. All My Lovin (sent to you Fiona honey!0
    3. Can’t Buy Me Love (but Fiona can give me happiness which I need)
    4. Let it Be (Let it happen)
    5. I Will (fall in love with you at Graceland Fiona)


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