Jennifer Aniston Admits Throwing Chair At A Director

It turns out America’s sweetheart has a temper, so whatever you do don’t tick off Jennifer Aniston or you may get a chair in your face. Aniston revealed in an interview with Elle magazine that she once lost her temper and threw a chair at a director during a fight.

She said she couldn’t help her self when she saw the director treating another crew member badly. She just picked up a chair and threw it at him.

She says it wasn’t her proudest moment, but she couldn’t stand by and watch him treat a script supervisor so horribly. She said the director walked in and she threw the chair at him. Bu she missed and was bummed that she missed.

She not only threw the chair, she spewed swear words, telling the un-named director, “You can’t speak to people like that. I can’t tolerate that.” Her directorial debut film, “Five” hits Lifetime Monday at 9 p.m.


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