Martha Stewart’s Daughter Alexis Reveals Not-So-Perfect Childhood In Tell All Book

Domestic goddess Martha Stewart must not be a happy goddess after seeing the ink on the pages of her daughter Alexis’ new tell all book. In it, Alexis pretty much makes Martha look more like “Mommy Dearest” than a “Domestic Goddess.”

She ripped into her mom in the book Whateverland Learning to Live Here, saying she grew up with a glue gun pointed at her head and if she didn’t do something perfectly, she had to do it over again.

Now you would think Halloween and Christman would be Martha’s favorite times of the year, but according to Alexis’s book, both holidays held little excitment for Stewart. She was not kid friendly, and get this, Alexis writes she used to have to wrap her own presents for Christmas!

As for her trick or treating, she says there was none, and no costumes. In fact Martha would turn out the lights and pretend not to be there. But the one thing that Alexis writes about in the book that is really disturbing, Martha has a habit of going to the bathroom with the door open!

  • RainbowRay

    Well, at least Alexis “stuck to her principals” right? (HA!)

    I would like to right my own autobiography one day after getting all these experiences (no the life story of a car either). I would call it “Love Denied” The RainbowRay Story”. Everything that I mentioned happened, sad but true, but now turing it around( Or trying).


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