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We Found Sly Stone’s Camper Van and Studebaker

Yesterday we went a mission to try to find where Sly Stone is living in his Camper Van. Our intent was to get an interview with him and extend an offer to help him out.

Here’s what happened.

Producer Brandon and intern Corbin drove out to the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles, and after some research we were able to locate the van. Parked in front of the van was his 1960’s era Studebaker.

We knocked on the van’s window a few times and got no response. So we knocked on the door to the house he was parked in front of and out came a guy claiming to be Sly’s manager.

In the end, we got the fact that Sly is really not bad off and that he is living in that van by choice. We are actively working on him to come in the studio and Sly will tell his side of the story.
Stay tuned!!!

Here’s a pic we shot of his 2 cars parked outside….

sly stones van We Found Sly Stones Camper Van and Studebaker

Photo By: Brandon and Corbin


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