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New Reports Claim Ashton Kutcher Has Been Cheating On Demi Moore For Years

Well we touched on it yesterday, and today it’s splashed over Star magazine about Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s $290 million divorce. They claim they’ve been living apart for months and exposed his serial cheating, plus his secret fling with Britney Spears. According to the tabloid, Ashton has been cheating on Demi for years, and it’s over.

The straw that broke Demi’s back was 23-year-old Sara Leal who Ashton reportedly hooked up with in San Diego on September 24th. That’s the same date as his 6th wedding anniversary.

Now the hot blonde is asking for money. According to the NY Post, Sara Leal is preparing to tell the story of how she and Ashton hooked up at the Hard Rock Hotel last Friday. And now she’s even retained a lawyer. She wants to make a deal for $250,000.

This is unless Ashton will pay her to shut up. Kutcher’s lawyer Marty Singer and manager have up to this point refused to comment. And Demi is also refusing to talk.

  • RainbowRay

    If “all true” (these are tabloids you know), then they are making “AShton’s) of themselves aren’t they? Read a book people; last week I read “MAD Magazine” (not a book, but a wonderful memory from childhood like Cracked that’s now online and Crazy).


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