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Poll: Is Daily Coverage Of The Dr. Conrad Murray Trial Too Much?

We’re only in day two in what’s likely to be a five to six-week trial for Michael Jackson’s physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, in a case to declare whether he’s guilty of involuntary manslaughter of the 2009 death of MJ.

The media coverage of the trial has already been non stop after the opening statements on day one, and it makes us wonder…should the media cover this trial from beginning to end or is it too much of a media overload for a six-week stretch?

It was a media frenzy during day one of the Conrad Murray trial in the case of the death of Michael Jackson and already you may be feeling overloaded with information and updates everywhere you look about the case.

Should TV and the media continue daily coverage of the Michael Jackson trial until the jury’s verdict is in and the judge slams his gavel to finalize the ruling, or is it too much coverage on a daily basis?

Listen to our interview with CBS 2 reporter Randy Paige, who’s reporting from inside the courtroom of the Michael Jackson death trial:

  • RainbowRay

    The media cover “to much” of alot of events that may not really need that much coverage (after all there is the competition between networks and media right, so everything and anything goes in terms of how much and when it’s covered; plus think of all the advertising revenue as well).

    I think that the media also tend to “overexaggerate” on alot of their stories (in all types of media) and according to the poll I had taken online (I enjoy doing polls as a hobby as well, getting people’s opinions online), most people agree with me, percentage wise.


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