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Arnold Schwarzenegger Commissions Three Bronze Statues Of Himself

It’s not enough that Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to write a memoir titled, Total Recall, which will detail his many careers and the demise of his marriage. Now the actor-turned-governor plans to have at least three buff bronze statues of himself made.

According to the NY Daily News, Schwarzenegger has personally commissioned three larger than life, “heroic” scale bronze statues of himself that depict the Terminator star in his body building days.

The statues will be 8 feet and weigh in at 580 pounds. They will depict Arnold flexing in a classic body building pose, showing his giant biceps chiseled abs and big ol’ quads.

The first statue is on its way to Austria, the 2nd which is still being made could go to Columbus Ohio where the Schwarzenegger inspired Arnold fitness weekend is held. And they still haven’t said where the 3rd is going.

  • RainbowRay

    Does Schwartzeneger know what this thing called fun is? Apparently he had to much fun I guess!


  • Jamie

    Can his ego BE any bigger? Give me a break!

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