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James Brown On The TAMI Show

Hey you guys! Check out this cool video on YouTube of James Brown and The Famous Flames on the TAMI Show in 1964! Many call it one of the greatest rock performances ever recorded. What do you think? There’s a reference to this historic performance in a hit song by one of the biggest rock bands of the 80’s. Can you guess which band?

The lyrics of an ’80’s album rock hit by The Police includes the line “…James Brown on the TAMI Show…”  It’s in a cut on their CD Zenyatta Mondatta. Watch this video closely just before the 60 second mark when Mr. Brown dances across the stage. You’ll see this legendary performer doing what looks like the first signs of what would become the Moonwalk 20 years later.


Good thing they never had him compete on Dancing With The Stars. They’d be no contest and an automatic win for “The Hardest Working Man In Show Business.” Enjoy!

  • RainbowRay

    Love James Brown! I believe he’s the godfather of soul, isn’t he?


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