We Know Where You Can Buy “Missoni” Products At Target Today!

Yesterday Target stores all across over southern California saw a mad rush to buy Target’s new line of “Missoni” products!  Their website even crashed!  But we got word early this morning that one store got their shipment too late to put out yesterday!!!  So this morning they will have it out on display!!!

The Target store in Eagle Rock!!! They Open at 8am!  They tell us that the product will be out on display “sometime today“!!

Here’s the address…..

2626 Colorado Blvd. (The corner of the 134 and 2 Freeways!)

Good Luck and be safe!

  • RainbowRay

    Well, I’m not gonna miss ut on Missoni; I’m on a missoni on my own, HA! HA! I missoni Fiona as well!


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