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Kate Hudson’s Father Bill Hudson Speaks Out, Writing Tell All Book

Kate Hudson will not be happy when she sees US Weekly. Her biological dad Bill is revealing his contempt for his 32-year-old daughter. Right or wrong, Hudson is writing a tell all about his ex, Goldie Hawn, and their little daughter Kate. In the book Bill says he’s always played as a heavy non-caring, neglectful father, but he says it was Goldie who prevented him from seeing his kids.

As a result Kate doesn’t talk to him. Bill says it’s okay that she doesn’t talk to him or give him a dime of her millions, but he does want her to call her grandmother who is battling Alzheimer’s. Not for nothing, Bill, but writing a tell all memoir and ripping Kate isn’t the way to get her to call.

  • RainbowRay

    Sorry state of affairs. I remember Bill Hudson from the Hudson Brother’s Razzle Dazzle Show that I used to watch when I was a kid (i Have it on DVD) It’s a damn shame it’s come down to that.


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