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Did You Know: “Sexual Healing” By Marvin Gaye

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Photo: YouTube

Photo: YouTube

Today’s ‘Tickets @ 2′ hit is by Marvin Gaye, it’s “Sexual Healing.” Marvin wrote it in Ostend, a resort town on the coast of Belgium. He went there in 1981 to relax and recover from his drug problems. He stayed for 18 months before returning to the US.

A writer named David Ritz gave Gaye the idea for the song. Ritz was not given a writing credit for it, but was thanked in a liner note on the album. This broke the friendship when Ritz sued for a songwriter credit. After Gaye died, he won the case and won the credit.

Marvin Gaye had a lot of success writing very sexual songs and built a reputation as a ladies’ man, but he was the son of a preacher and struggled with his religious values.

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