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Angelina Jolie Opens Up About Personal Life In ‘Vanity Fair’

Angelina Jolie is cleaning up some rumors about personal life in her new interview with Vanity Fair. For starters there is no secret wedding for her and Brad, like the tabloids have been reporting, and she is not pregnant nor adopting another child.

Angelina is setting the record straight, she says not only is there no wedding planned now, but she and Brad have no plans anytime soon to tie the knot. This is despite the fact that her six kids would like that. Jolie shares her soul in the October Vanity Fair interview.

  • RainbowRay

    “Have You Read the Lastest Issue of Vanity Fair? There’s an interview with Angelie Jolie in there; Answering questions to rumors she denies. Separating fact from fiction and truth from all lies…..”–Sung to “Are You Going to Scarborough Fair”


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